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Who I am

Pleasure! I'm Claudia, a 24-year-old advertising graphic designer with AFC and high school diploma, graduated from the CSIA in Lugano in 2015 and subsequently specialized as a 3D designer in 2017 at the SSS_AA in Lugano.

I love my work, walks, drawing and nature.

In my free time I like to volunteer of various kinds, from Pro Infirmis to elementary schools.

My career


Advertising graphics
3D Modeling
| Post-production

06.2017 -  11.2018

Mainly collaboration with AMILA Entertainment   in posters and 3D reconstructions of regional historical works that have become part of the UNESCO heritage.

Post-production of the same reconstructions within clips of videos and web advertisements and posters such as Chicco D'Oro, Bolton and Somatoline.


| Sound designer

02.2019 - 09.2019

2-month internship through unemployment with a 360 ° production company Primitive Films  as VFX designer, assistant director / scene for spots and documentaries for  

RSI ("Bye Bye Pinguis") and chart.
Management of material warehouse, office, direct sound recording for documentary and external.


12.2020 - present

After working on several projects as a freelancer, I decided it was time to start a business, to develop graphic looks for my clients with my personal touch. Development of graphic design, websites (design) and 3D.

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